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    06.07.17 | Elder's Corner | by Wayne Chamberlain

    There is a message among teenagers and young adults today that states, “Five seconds of awkwardness can prevent days, months, or perhaps of years of pain and regret.” Being placed in an awkward position usually requires us to make some ...

      Orange Curriculum Update

      04.13.17 | Elder's Corner | by Helen Earls

      It has been quite a while since I have talked to you about “Orange” so I thought I should do a refresher for some and if you are new to the concept, a mini training session.   What Orange is:   The Orange movement was ...

        The Good Samaritan

        03.29.17 | Elder's Corner | by Matt Saxe

        The best thing for me about reading and studying the bible is that I know it is the perfect word of God and a major way in which He speaks to us today.  The worst part is when He uses it to tell me something I really didn't want to hear ...

          Fitting and Obliged

          12.14.16 | Elder's Corner | by David Bishop

          I am very much in tune with the way Pastor Michael began the current series from Isaiah. The current year has been quite a challenge to many of us. Some have begun new jobs, some had sicknesses and injuries and some have experienced losses of loved ...

            Immerse Yourself

            11.17.16 | Elder's Corner | by N.D. Harrison

            I believe that some of a person’s best times of life are when he totally immerses himself in an activity. Those activities have included, at various times in my life, blowing up things with firecrackers, working on equipment at my Dad’s ...