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    Heavenly Treasurer

    08.12.21 | Elder's Corner | by Larry Wigington

    Greetings to my FCC church family, As some of you may know, I retired from driving this past spring. In doing so, I felt a huge relief of stress in my life. Being able to do some things that I’ve wanted to do for a long time has been...

      Daily Prayer

      07.13.21 | Elder's Corner | by Judy Ferguson

      My Church Family, On my bedside table, I have a few of my most loved books. Books I find uplifting and calming. After Pastor Michael's sermon on "Grace, Mercy, and Peace" (and remembering all the many blessings I have received, and probably...

        What is the Church

        06.08.21 | Elder's Corner | by Zack Boren

        In the 21st century, you may be surprised that catechisms still exist. You may think of catechesis, a medieval method of teaching truths about the faith through questions and answers, as mainly a Catholic thing. But I’m happy to tell you...

          My Patience

          05.18.21 | Elder's Corner

          “Why won’t this pull tape go through this empty conduit!!!!” This was screaming in my head and being shown to the people around me through my actions. I was frustrated! I had just spent the last hour and a half trying get a...

            Take It All In

            04.20.21 | Elder's Corner | by Matt Saxe

            I always struggle with what to write about when it comes my turn to fill the "elders corner" page of the newsletter, and this time is no exception.  But I had some time this past weekend to just sit, relax, take in a couple ballgames, enjoy...

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