First Christian Church | Pittsfield


Covid-19 Announcement

03.14.20 | Michael's Corner | by Michael Ten Eyck


    Dear Church Family,  

    We live in some very strange times.  I wanted to take the time to talk to you about the extraordinary events that are happening in our nation and in our state…and their impact on our church.  

    First of all,  I want to admonish us all that this is certainly not a time for panic.  At this time there have been no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Pike County.  God is still in control. 

    In Matthew 24, Jesus tells us of times of wars and rumors of wars…it is hard to discern the difference between the real wars and the rumors of wars in the hyper-sensationalized culture in which we live.

    The good news for us believers in Christ is that Jesus says whether there are actual wars or just the rumor,  the advice is the same: we should not be afraid. 

    This is not a time to panic.  At this time we are called to show love for one another in unique ways; this means not being selfish, or hoarding, but rather looking out for those in need.

    And, although this is no time to panic, it is a time to be prudent.  The virus is real, and we know very little about it. With little information, unfortunately, comes great fear.

    For the vast majority of us, the medical community says there is little chance of serious Covid-19 illness, but for the elderly and those with underlying health issues, the CDC and state health officials have recommended precautions. 

    Because we fall near enough to the “250” number for public gatherings, I have been in contact with local health care officials, emergency response team members, and our elders.  We feel that it is most prudent for us to try to show the love of Christ to the vulnerable members of our church family by encouraging everyone to worship with us via our live stream for the next two weeks (March 15 and 22).

    The doors will not be locked, and those in great health with no exposure to at-risk individuals are welcome to be part of our skeleton crew, but for those over 70 years old and those with underlying health conditions, we strongly advise you to join us online. 

    To stream, simply go to and search for “First Christian Church of Pittsfield.” We will be streaming both the 8:00 AM and the 10:30 AM services.

    Online, you can still participate with your church family while at home.  

    You are also able to give online through our website,, or mail in your tithes and offerings to the church office at  225 N. Memorial St., Pittsfield, IL 62363.     

    There will not be child care or Sunday School for the next two weeks, but I am encouraging small groups and classes to continue to meet at alternative times at the group’s discretion. Youth groups will continue to meet regularly until further notice. 

    Social interaction is important during these times.  We should meet, fellowship, and pray together, but do so in a wise manner.  Follow CED guidelines and avoid interactions if you are ill. Wash your hands while you sing a verse of “Amazing Grace,” or “Washed by the Blood.” 

    Most of all, look out for one another.  If there are needs within the church family, please make us aware.  Let’s love each other and look out for each other as we keep the faith.  

    I have canceled my vacation to be back home with you during this most interesting time, so don’t hesitate to contact me should you need to. 

    Loving you all,