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01.15.20 | Elder's Corner | by N.D. Harrison

    Members and Friends of First Christian Church:

    According to our bylaws, the Elders at First Christian Church assume responsibility, along with the Lead Minister, in “carrying out the pastoral ministry” and are directed to “participate in promoting the growth and welfare of the Congregation”.

    For quite a few years Elder Care Lists have been used to help organize this. An ECL is a list of names and contact information for members and friends of FCC. Each Elder has been assigned an ECL and that Elder would provide personal and spiritual support for those on his list during the good times and bad times that we all experience. The church office, and Rebecca in particular, has been an important part of this by letting the designated Elder know of particular needs that would arise.

    At our Elder retreat earlier this month we decided to make a change. We decided to discontinue year-long Elder Care List assignments. We decided that the Lead Elder each Sunday would be “on call” that day and the following week and would work with Pastor Michael ministering to members and friends of the Congregation. In situations where the Lead Elder gets a call but is unable to perform the ministry function he will be responsible for contacting other Elders who are able to handle the situation.

    All the Elders are here to minister to members and friends of First Christian Church so please feel free to call any of us at any time. If you prefer to be contacted by the Elder on call, please call the church office at 285-4129 and the church office will contact the appropriate Elder.

    Please realize that we care about each of you, we pray for you and we want to be there for you.

    -N.D. Harrison

    Elder Chair

    Ruth Bennett (217) 491-4062

    Zack Boren (217) 371-3924

    Roger Brokaw (217) 430-4369

    Wayne Chamberlain (217) 248-3367

    Bob Clark (217) 248-5954

    N.D. Harrison (217) 370-1451

    Kathy Hull (217) 430-7645

    Larry Wigington (217) 494-0027

    Brad Willman (217) 491-0538