First Christian Church | Pittsfield


Holy Week 2020

03.31.20 | Michael's Corner | by Michael Ten Eyck

    2020 Maundy Thursday/ Good Friday

    Due to the current health restrictions and guidelines, we have been forced to alter our plans for Holy Week this year.  Although we will not be able to worship together in the same building, we are hopeful that this year’s plan will allow for meaningful times to remember and celebrate what it means to be a part of the Body of Christ.  

    The Plan:  On Thursday and Friday from 6 PM to 7 PM, we will be having a two-day prayer walk/drive that will culminate in an online devotional of communion and testimony.  For those who cannot get out to walk or drive, please pray for the listed topics at home and consider taping one of the First Christian Church logo stickers on your front window.  If you are doing a prayer drive and pass a house with our logo sticker displayed in the front window, pray for that household.  

    Thursday’s devotional will be a time of communion.  Friday’s will be a time of prayer and testimony. Here is a list of places to pass by and topics to pray.  

    Courthouse  (Praying for our Nation, Government, and Civil Servants) Rom 13:1-7,1 Tim 2:1-3.  Pray for wisdom in the midst of the pandemic, our nation’s direction, the president, the supreme court, congress, the 2020 election, local and state government.  Pray for the media in our country, law enforcement, and pray that we as a community and a nation do not reject God. Also, pray for our economy and the economic impact that the pandemic is having on the world.  Pray for those in need, those who have lost jobs, those facing financial hardship due to the pandemic. 

    Schools (Praying for our schools, educators, and students)  Eph 1:17. Proverbs 1:7.  Pray for teachers, school staff, and administrators; wisdom for how to educate in the midst of the social distancing restrictions; relationships between schools and community; Godly parenting (especially in the midst of the pandemic), FCA, students’ ability to stand for Christ in the midst of ungodliness, sexuality/purity; our church youth leaders and volunteers; college students dealing with online learning, Christian Bible colleges, bias against Christian values in our educational system; and 2020 seniors having lost so many events in their last semester of high school.

     East School/ All Wars Museum (Praying for our Military) Ps 29:11.  Pray for their safety and spiritual strength while serving, peace in the world, and protection while serving during the pandemic; families of those serving and the physical/emotional healing of those wounded while serving.

     Hospital/Nursing homes (Praying for God to heal from the pandemic)  Pray for ALL medical staff, support staff, EMTs, and scientists as they give care to the sick and search for a cure.  Pray for miraculous healing from God. Pray for the safety of those who are vulnerable to infection.  

    Consider driving by the homes of some of our shut-ins and elderly. 

    Please remember our current social distancing guidelines while participating. 

    • Following your prayer time, go to the church Youtube or Facebook page and watch the video that will be posted at 7 PM Thursday and Friday as we conclude our time together in communion and prayer.  
    • Please take some pictures of your time to share with the rest of the church family.  

    Our Easter Sunday plans will be a bit different this year as well. There will be NO Sunrise service/fellowship breakfast this year.

    • Easter Sunday at 8:00 AM will be an abbreviated Youth Sunday lead by a few of our youth from the Worship Team.  One of our high school seniors will be sharing the message! Please show your support for them by streaming the service.  
    • We will also live stream a Resurrection Celebration service at 10:30.  Pastor Michael will be sharing a message at the 10:30 streaming service.   

     We greatly appreciate your continued support, online attendance, prayers, and financial faithfulness through these strange times.  We will get through this together.