First Christian Church | Pittsfield


Holy Week

03.28.18 | Michael's Corner | by Michael Ten Eyck

    Holy Week is always a compelling and challenging week for us at First Christian Church.  Certainly it is a busy time, but the reason for the added activities and worship experiences is for spiritual growth. It is a time of reflecting and remembering the extent of God’s great love for us.  It is a time for us to examine our lives in response to this love. It is a time for careful examination of our walk with Christ, as well as our walk with each other.

    I had the privilege of talking with a dear person this week who had just begun worshipping with us.  I asked her what led her to give us a try, and her response was sobering. She simply said that someone had asked her.  She had wanted to get back to church and was simply awaiting an invitation.

    I believe there are many around us who are in the same boat.  Perhaps they used to be frequent worshippers, but due to conflicts with work schedules, they have fallen out of the regular practice of worshipping.  Perhaps they may have hit a rough patch in their life, or a health issue, or the bad weather has kept them from worshipping and are wanting to return, but they just feel awkward.  You can be the one whom Christ uses to open up the door and welcome them in.

    I hope that we all will take some time and consider those around us.  Are there people near who need to experience God’s love? Invite them! Remember Christ’s instructions to quickly go and spread the news of the resurrection.

    I am looking forward to our special services this week.  Thursday will be a time of personal sharing, prayer, worship, and communion.  I view this service as a much needed “family dinner table time.” Come prepared to share and be blessed.  

    The choir has been working hard on “The Story” and will present that to us on Friday.  The Vesper Choir has been an integral part of the history of First Christian Church. You will be blessed by them on Friday and on Sunday at the 10:00 service.   

    Sunrise service will once again spotlight the youth at First Christian Church.  Their energy, talent, and desire to serve the Lord are truly an inspiration. You won’t want to miss this 6:30 A.M. service.   

    Holy Week will conclude with our 10:00 A.M. Sunday service in the sanctuary.  It is always one of my favorite services of the entire year. This year we will focus on what the resurrection means to us.  If you have friends who have never heard the gospel or who don’t have a church home, this would be a great opportunity for them.  

    I know this year has been a year of transition, and those times are not always easy, but I want the entire Church Family to know how much I love and appreciate you all.  We are in exciting times. Let’s go Reach, Teach, and Empower as we fulfill Christ’s commission.


    Loving you all,