First Christian Church | Pittsfield


My Patience

05.18.21 | Elder's Corner

    “Why won’t this pull tape go through this empty conduit!!!!” This was screaming in my head and being shown to the people around me through my actions. I was frustrated! I had just spent the last hour and a half trying get a piece of wire, through this empty piece of metal tubing, so I could pull a cable through to extend the internet to the Annex, the church’s “new” building. My patience was running thin. It was right around noon and Hamer Tate came over and said I looked like I needed something to eat and maybe that would improve “my patience”. I wasn’t sure the food would help but I knew if I stepped away for a while this would help. So, after lunch and after asking Hamer for some help, we figured out the problem and got the cable through the conduit and were able to get the internet connected to the Annex.

    This situation reminded me of a devotional I had read in the Daily Guidepost. The author talked about her being slow to ask for God’s help until the issue became a bigger challenge. When she did finally surrender the problem to God, she didn’t necessarily get a total solution but what was needed to move the situation forward.

    So, I am in the process of developing a new habit. In addition to asking God to provide me guidance throughout my day first thing in the morning, I am asking for his guidance during the day as I start each new task. I am finding when I need the guidance, I may not get a full answer to complete the task but I may be directed to someone who can help me get closer to the answer. Just as Hamer helped me find the solution to my problem and improve “my patience”.

    Thank You for Your patience, God. Help us bring our needs to You as they are presented to us throughout our day. And help us to recognize your solution or direction to help us solve these needs.


    Oh, and by the way, an old dog CAN LEARN a new trick if he or she wants.

    Bob Clark