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Vacation Bible School Thank You

07.31.19 | Michael's Corner | by Helen Earls

    What an amazing week!! From the kick off, complete with two giant water slides and a great meal, to the swimming party on Friday night, it was a fantastic week!

    A great time was had by all and what fun to watch the kids learning, moving through the different stations, playing, singing and praising the Lord! We want to send a very big thank you to all who helped in any way with Vacation Bible School. There were 160 kids who attended some time during the week as well as 107 volunteers who assisted in some way.

    A special thank you goes to Ashley Ferguson for chairing this event, to her co-chair Danielle Hayes, to Cindy Chamberlain for her leadership as Christian Education Chairman, to Kayla Boren for her leadership with music and skits, to Ashli Freesmeyer for her leadership in crafts, and to Kacie Lipcaman for her leadership with all things Christian Education. These ladies were amazing! Everything went very smoothly all week. We really appreciate all the time and effort that everyone involved spent making that happen! It was truly awesome!

    We also want to thank the decorating crew, set up crew, and tear down crew of Kacie Lipcaman, Evan Lipcaman, Kayla Boren, Spencer Boren, Michelle Hart, Cindy Chamberlain, Ellie Ten Eyck, Larry Wigington, Gina Bryant, Linda Belford, Brianne Sealock, Matt Sealock, Lexie Lipcaman, Conner Sweeting, Phoenix Bacon, Katie McDevitt, Katie Hull, C.J. Hayes, Danielle Hayes, Brandi Pennock, Renita Ten Eyck, Kim Bauer, Jade Roseberry, Libby Boren, Rhodora Pursley, and Michael Ten Eyck who helped turn the Crossroads Center and the church education building into an fantastic place!

    So many adults helped in so many different ways! From the crew leaders, crew leader assistants, worship & music leaders, game leaders, craft leaders and helpers, the registration people, our wonderful sound and computer technician, the people who helped clean up on Friday night and Saturday morning, and the wonderful volunteer kitchen staff who prepared supper for and cleaned up every night, we cannot thank you enough!

    We raised $1,243.37 for their mission which went to Mississippi Valley Christian Service Camp. The kids love helping with a local project!

    It was a wonderful week and all who participated were truly blessed. Below is a list of those who helped that we know of. It takes lots of people to make this possible and we thank God for each and every one of you. We hope we did not miss anyone. God Bless you all!

    VBS staff:
    Ashley Ferguson, Danielle Hayes, Kacie Lipcaman, Ashli Freesmeyer, Bethany Dunham, Rodney Gordley, Cindy Chamberlain, Kayla Boren, Lainey Ten Eyck, Ellie Ten Eyck, Eli Ten Eyck, Michael Ten Eyck, Renita Ten Eyck, Cherise Anderson, Libby Boren, Jade Roseberry, Lisa Wombles, Korey Wombles, Michelle Hart, Amy Pressey, Angie Willard, Kathy Curfman, CJ Hayes, Dawn Smith, Justin Poor, Amber Poor, Lauren Hull, Jordyn Apps, Lauren Archer, Lexie Lipcaman, Phoenix Bacon, Heather Evans, Jessica Shade, Kendra Sydney, Rosi Picone, Rhodora Pursley, Hannah Roig, Amy Ruebush, Melissa Douglas, Ava Douglas, Tonya Douglas, Judy Losch, Maddie Palmer, Rachel Cawthon, Katie Hull, Katie McDevitt, Emma Saxe, Luke Saxe, Matthew Sealock, Brianne Sealock, Chris Sydney, Bev White, Sydney Bauer, Shelby Bauer, Sophia Freesen, David Freesmeyer, Ace Freesmeyer, Larry Wigington, Sandy Wigington, Verity Wigington, Tim Hull, Phil Graham, Hazel Hill, Gracie Smith, Isabel Smith, Olivia Smith, Kyle Spangler, Brenna Williams, Linda Belford, Bob Clark, Jim Dain, Brittany Dain, David Bishop, and Sonya Bishop.

    Family Meal staff: Judy Ferguson, Betty Hayden, Joyce Lemons, Jenny Tate, Angie Hittner, Kay Sealock, Ann Ferguson, Eleanor Jenkins, Carrie Collver, Melba Foster, Wanda Mendenhall, Charlene Gleckler, Austin Long, Carolyn Capps, Chuck Barber, Carolyn Barber, Julie Myers, Brianne Sealock, Vivian Cloninger, Barbara Fosco, and Hamer Tate.

    Donations: Carolyn Casteel, Becky Daniel, Bev White, Carolyn Barber, Dot Foods.

    What a blessing Kacie Lipcaman has been to the church staff! Her leadership has been amazing in Sunday School, Children’s Church, Kids Connection, and VBS. She and Kayla work so well together and complement each other in all the things we are trying to accomplish with our children and youth! It has been pure joy getting to mentor these two and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to brag on them! When I see all the young families getting involved I am thrilled beyond words and I believe there are more blessings to come!

    I want to again say a big thank you to all who helped make VBS not only a fantastic week but a life changing event! This is a huge endeavor and we could not do it without all of you! Also, thank you to all of you who support our church financially because without you, we could not do all the wonderful ministries that we do.

    Love and Blessings,