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Mississippi Valley Christian Service Camp Report

11.28.18 | Elder's Corner | by Jim Dain

    Dear Camp Friend and Visionary,


    MVCSC exists by the will of God and the sacrifice of His people. Through the last seven decades countless numbers of people have donated to, worked with, prayed for, guided and loved this camp and the people we serve. Thank you for your part in the good work God is doing at Mississippi Valley Christian Service Camp. This year we have a joyous announcement to share. We have reduced our debt to below $100,000 dollars! Thank you to everyone who has helped us retire roughly $50,000 in the last few years! Please prayerfully consider if God is leading you to help settle the loan on our Girl’s Dorm.


    This year we hosted 200+ campers in our regular season camps. In addition, we hosted another several hundred during rentals and retreats. Family Camp continues to support parents and grandparents as they raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Our Wilderness Camp is growing and the campers experienced rock climbing and rappelling for the first time. We also started an Outdoor Life Camp. This camp is for boys and girls 13 y/o and up and focuses on our rich traditions of hunting, fishing and other outdoor sports. We also re-started our Mission Trip program with a trip to Bethany Christian Mission and Campton Christian Church in Eastern Kentucky. We plan to return in 2019. Please consider going with us!


    MVCSC continues to support the Mission of the Church. This year we hosted and learned from The Dorce’ family of Blessing Hearts International. Wilckly Dorce’ (Kiki) is a Haitian national, born and raised in the country of Haiti. Dee Dorce’ (Mdme Kiki) is an Iowa farm girl transplanted in Haiti. They serve Christ and the Haitian people by equipping and supporting the local churches and proclaiming Christ in their school. You can learn more at…


    The Spaghetti Dinner in April at the Crossroads Center was a great success and is planned again for April 28th, 2019. We’ll be sure to let you know in advance. Thank you to all who make that event possible, and to all who attend. We continued our Taco Salad Fundraiser, involvement in fall festivals and parades. A hearty Thank You to Shelly and team for all they do! Please consider getting involved with this terrific opportunity to raise top of mind awareness and support for your camp.


    As always, we are committed to improving, repairing, maintaining and upkeeping MVCSC. This year we replaced the A/C in the boy’s dorm. We are well on our way to replacing all the camp’s roofs. Next up is the chapel! Then we will be able to take a break from roofing until the shingles on the girl’s dorm need replaced. 


    We are very grateful for your help in the past.  You play an important role in the success and growth here at MVCSC.  Please keep MVCSC in mind for your giving, and always remember us in your prayers. 


    Yours in Christ,


    Jim Dain
    Manager MVCSC