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    Thank You

    10.27.20 | Michael's Corner | by Michael Ten Eyck

    Dear Church Family, My family and I would like to convey our sincere appreciation for all the gifts, cards, and gestures of appreciation that you have shared with us this month.  We certainly are blessed to be a part of such a loving Church...

      Building Blocks

      10.13.20 | Michael's Corner | by Michael Ten Eyck

      I really love our annual Vesper service at the Tate’s farm, and to be quite honest, I really needed it this year.  It was wonderful to gather together and just be “normal” for a few hours.  As I watched the kids...

        Looking Ahead

        09.08.20 | Elder's Corner | by N.D. Harrison

        We all know that COVID-19 has had a major impact on our lives here in 2020. On Jan 1 we had no idea that in a few weeks we would no longer be able to eat inside restaurants, do business inside banks and be restricted in so many other ways. We...


          08.25.20 | Michael's Corner | by Michael Ten Eyck

          For two of the last three years, we have spent our anniversary taking one of our children to their freshman year of college.  While I am sure that this has been frugal, as neither of us has any appetite to go out to eat afterward, it is not...

            God's Purpose Fulfilled

            08.11.20 | Michael's Corner | by Michael Ten Eyck

            Dear First Christian Church Family, These past few months have been a roller coaster for us all.  Just about the time, we sense that some semblance of normalcy will be restored, we find the rug pulled out from underneath our feet and feel...

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