Bulletin Announcements


Bulletin Announcements

June 26, 2022
Prayer Concerns: Tereasa Apps, Jeanue Bacon, Karl Benjamin, Craig Collver, Brian Douglas, Sue Evans, Don & Barbara Fosco, Karen Goodwin, Leanna Schlabowske, Hamer Tate, Myrtle Tharp, Search for Associate or Youth Minister, Karen Birch (John Birch’s sister), Abigail Borland (Bob & Janice Barton’s great granddaughter), Bob Clarkson (Richard & Linda Decker’s friend), Ezra Collver (Craig & Caree Collver’s grandson), Sandy Curless (Frazier Curless’ mother), Rylee Martin (Cindy Morrow’s granddaughter), Kay Matthews (Jean Sanderson’s sister), Eric Scranton (Kayla Boren’s uncle), Bob Spangler (Kayla Boren’s father), Julie Talley (Judy Ferguson’s sister-in-law), Jeff Walters (Keith & Carole Elledge’s son-in-law), Tim Williams (Cindy Chamberlain’s brother-in-law).  We express our sympathy to Richard & Rebecca Rhodes and family with the passing of their grandson, Cael Welty.

There will be a short meeting for all VBS volunteers after second service Sunday, June 26. If you haven’t signed up to volunteer yet, see Becky Fitzmaurice or Katie McDevitt.

Church League Softball: June 27, 7pm, v. AOG; 8pm v. Naz.  July 11, 8pm, v. AOG.    July 18 Tournament

Elder Meeting, June 28, 6:00.

The church office will be staffed by an Elder each Tuesday this summer from 10-11:30 while Pastor Michael is on sabbatical.  Contact the office or any Elder if you have a need.

Youth Group Summer Schedule Tidbit:  June 30 – No Youth Group.  July 5 – Movie Night at Annex.  Time TBD.

Camps have begun at Mississippi Valley Christian Service Camp!  Go to their website for details or to register.  Christian Men’s Fellowship will pay one half the fee for our youth to attend.

Cross Over Hoops, Thurs, June 30, at Crossroads Center.

Grades 3-5: 8-10:00          Grades 6-8: 10-12:00        Grades 9-12: 1-3:00

Cost $35.  Instruction.  Drills & encouragement.  LifeBook. 

Basketball topics – handling pressure, contested finishes, decision making.

Register online www.crossoverhoops.org/camps