Bulletin Announcements


Bulletin Announcements

June 25, 2017

Prayer Concerns: Chip Barber, Ken Bradbury, Vicky Butler, Mary Chamberlain, Aaron Dell, Gary Guthrie, Becky Maxwell, Michelle Phipps, Teresa Wade, Susan Roberts (Friend of Jeff Martin Family), Bill Shaffer (Charles Owens’ brother-in-law)

There will be a VERY IMPORTANT VBS Meeting for all volunteers who have contacted Michelle and Bethany including crew/station leaders TODAY, June 25, at 9:15 in the Long Room. Please bring your list of items needed. Contact Michelle or Bethany if you have any questions.

The Elders will meet at 6:30 on Tuesday, June 27.

Wednesday Wellness, June 28, 5:30: We will wrap up the season at the Fellowship Hall with an indoor picnic! Everyone bring your favorite summertime dish to share and a copy of the recipe. Table service will be provided, just bring something yummy to share!

Youth@first will meet at the Dunham Farm on Thursday, June 29, from 6-8pm.

Mississippi Valley Christian Service Camp: June 25 3-4th Grade, June 28 1-2nd Grade, July 1 5-2nd Grade.  Registration forms are on the sanctuary mantels. CMF will pay one half the camp fee for youth in our church family. Let the church office know if your child will attend.

Church League Softball Schedule: 7/3 9pm, 7/7 8pm. Contact Matt Sealock if you would like to participate or come to Pittsfield Lake and enjoy the fun!

During Whitetail Properties meetings, we will serve lunch July 25, 26, 27. We will also serve approximately 200 meals the evening of July 26. If you are available, consider saving those date(s) and help Judy Ferguson and Karen Goodwin in the kitchen. Contact Judy, Karen, Joyce Lemons or the office if you can help.

Save the Date!!! We are planning to restart our Wednesday after school program, Kids Connection, this fall for K through 5th Grade with kick-off on Sept 12. Contact Pastor Chaz, Helen or the office if you would like to volunteer your Wednesday late afternoons during school season.

Rebecca will be out of the office this coming week, June 26-30. Please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.
Sunday Morning Adult Small Groups 9:15
• Disciples Class (Michael Boren/ facilitator) – Traditional Bible Study in north end of dining room at Crossroads.
• Select to Connect group (Jack Hull/facilitator) – “Watch Your Mouth” in front meeting room at Crossroads. Video and book provided.
• New Beginnings Class (Burdette Irwin/facilitator) – Traditional Bible Study in pastor’s old office at Church.
• Women’s Group (Michelle Hart/ facilitator) – “Teach Us to Want – Longing, Ambition & the Life of Faith” in the Long Room at Church.
• Small Group (Roger Brokaw/ facilitator) – Sermon-focused Bible Study in the front meeting room at the Admin Building.
• Small Group (Pastor Michael/ Zack Boren) – “Watch Your Mouth – Understanding the Power of the Tongue” in the Board Room at the Admin Building.

 Vacation Bible School will be Monday through Friday, July 17-21, from 6-8:15pm for children 4 years old through those entering 6th grade this fall. Parents should bring children to the gym for the opening and pick them up in the gym. Pre-register your child on our website.

Family Night will be Sunday, July 16, from 4-5:30 when everyone can register then receive VBS shirts and music CDs. Games will be set up for children. Families can come and go during this time.

Family Meal will be served Monday through Friday. Teachers and children will be served starting at 5:00. Everyone in our church family is encouraged to join us at 5:30 for a delicious family friendly meal. Please allow VBS staff and children to go through the line first so they can enjoy their meal before needing to leave. You should be able to recognize them by their VBS shirts. The main entrée each night will be Monday - open faced turkey sandwiches; Tuesday - hot dogs; Wednesday - sloppy joes; Thursday - tacos; Friday - turkey & noodles.

VBS is needing large cardboard boxes, cleaned vege/fruit cans, coffee cans, or anything that could be used to make a robot. Bring your items to the office.