Bulletin Announcements


Bulletin Announcements

September 26, 2021

Prayer Concerns: Wayne Baughman, Dora Lee Claus, Brian Douglas, Karen Goodwin, Ron Halsey, Gary Jones, Wanda Mendenhall, Julie Myers, Cindi Schoenherr, Youth Minister Search, Karen Birch (John Birch’s sister), Jyl Brunet (Friend of Kacie Lipcaman), Ezra Collver (Craig & Carrie Collver’s grandson), Cheryl Conkright (Gina Bryant’s mother), Kay Matthews (Jean Sanderson’s sister), Karen Schieffer (Mary Pfyl’s sister), John Sheppard (Sandy Wigington’s father), Julie Talley (Judy Ferguson’s sister-in-law), Linda Turner (Friend of Vivian Cloninger), Craig Yokem (Mary Van Hoose family)
We express our sympathy to Alex Sidwell and family with the passing of his uncle, Joe Sidwell. We also express sympathy to Rick and Mary Wombles with the passing of their granddaughter, Amanda Pankratz.

The Church Board of First Christian Church met on Tuesday, September 14, and repairs to the parking areas at the church and Crossroads Center were discussed. The board is recommending that the church replace the north parking area of the church, the north parking area on the Crossroads Center both sides of the road, and the Crossroads Center west gravel area. Reports from several contractors revealed substantial damage over the years which will require replacement rather than resurfacing. The board accepted a bid from Waters Concrete for removal, hauling, foundation and replacement of those 4 areas for $66,284. We are also aware that the Crossroads Center large parking area is in need of oil and chip to bring it to code. We received a bid for $16,875 from Cousin Bill for oil and chip of Crossroads Center parking lot. We would handle some of the prep work with volunteer labor. These areas would also need striped and painted at an estimate of $1,500. We have been under budget in our administrative area by not having a youth minister and have the ability to complete these projects, but we want congregation approval since this is not a budgeted item. Please note that this project would NOT use any of the designated funds for the education building fund replacement. We are calling a congregational meeting TODAY, September 26, immediately after 10:30 service. For any questions, please feel free to contact any Board Member or Executive Committee member.

Elder Meeting, Tues, Sept 28, 6:00.

Hymn Sing, Sunday, Oct 3, 6:00.

Coffee Talk, Tues, Oct 5, 10:00. You are invited to the Annex for conversation and prayer with Pastor Michael!

Cantata practice starts Wed, Oct 6, 6:30.

Mark your calendar and watch for details regarding our Vesper Service at Hamer and Jenny Tate’s home on Sunday afternoon, Oct 10.