Bulletin Announcements


Bulletin Announcements

April 21, 2019


Prayer Concerns: Dora Lee Claus, Vivian Cloninger, Landon Davenport, Edith Gant, Ron Halsey, Betty Hayden, Stacey Helms, Larry Howard, Darren Kindle, Carol Schwartze, Courtney Wade, Mary Wintjen,

Jennie Johnson (Rokettia & Kathy’s mother)

Sharon Ramazzini Colonius (Bill Jenkins’ cousin)

Peter Roccaforte (Chuck Barber’s nephew)

Diane Santoro (Edna Baughman’s sister)

John Smith (Ron Phipps’ cousin)

Julie Talley (Judy Ferguson’s sister-in-law)


The Elders will meet Tues, April 23, at 6:00.


The Children First Board will meet Thurs, April 25, at 5:30.


Sign-up sheets are at the Coffee Table area for those who can volunteer to help with the Honors Banquet to be on Wed., May 8.   Prep will be on Tuesday.  Times and help details are listed.


Church League Softball will begin in May.  Contact Matt Sealock if you would like to play on team FCC.


Attention parents: Please try to make every effort to pick up our children at the conclusion of Sunday School each week at 10:15.  (Today’s Sunday School ends at 9:45).  Our teachers and helpers have other responsibilities they need to tend to before the next service.  Your attention to this is appreciated!


Mississippi Valley Christian Service Camp News

The MVCSC Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser will be at Crossroads Center on Sunday, April 28.  Serving will be 11:30-1:30.  Adults $8, Children age 3-12 $4, age 2 and under free.


MVCSC cleaning days will be Sat, May 4 & 18, starting at 8:00.  All help is greatly appreciated!


MVCSC Family Fun Day will be May 19. The first youth camp, high school, will start June 2.  Forms are on the sanctuary mantels and camp website.





 Bible School News

It's that time of year again! VBS! (POWER UP!)  Mon-Fri, July 15-19.  Registration and family fun time will be Sunday, July 14


If you are looking to help in some way, we have a list of items we'll need to start out with! Thank you so much for your help in making VBS so awesome for our kids! 


4-55 gallon trash barrels (that we can spray paint)

Green (All shades) Black square paper plates)

2 rolls of Plastic Black Tarp (We will be painting)

White Balloons-5 packs 

3 Rolls of White/Cardboard color Paper

5 packs of balloons (multi-color)

Sturdy Square boxes (not broken down)

Tall Pieces (3ft-5ft) of Sturdy Cardboard 

Colored square Plastic table clothes-ALL colors

LOTS of water balloons 

5 packs of Construction paper 

colorful Flag Banner

Green Spray Paint (5 cans)

Red Spray Paint (5 cans)

Yellow Spray Paint (5 cans)

3 Old Tires 


Please contact Kacie at   or 217-242-7271. I can let you know if the items have already been picked up! Thank you!




Children First News

Children First Fundraiser Luncheon will be Sunday, May 19.  Meal will be served 10:30 – 12:45.  Graduation will be at 1:00.  Be thinking about what you can contribute to the silent auction.


Children First will offer a Summer Program for ages 6-12 with hours from 7:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.  Activities will include field trips, science experiments and theme weeks.  To register your child or for more info, contact Jennifer at 285-4129 or email at