Adult Ministries


Adult Ministries

Sunday School

All of our adult Sunday school classes are at 9:15a, and are spread throughout our campus. No matter your background, we have a group for you! Here are a list of our current adult Sunday schools:

Watch Your Mouth

Join Pastor Michael in the Admin Building board room as he walks through Tony Evans' new video series. Get inspired by Tony's teaching on the tongue and model with your mouth the character of God. Don't let your words bring cursing or destruction to yourself and those you love. Instead, let your words minister to and speak life into the world around you. If you grew up in the 80s, this group is for you!

Teach Us To Want

Are you a young woman in need of something tailored to your needs? Please consider joining Michele Hart as she walks through Jen Pollock Michael's Teach Us To Want. Over the course of five weeks, Jen will show biblically how it's not only OK to name and voice our desires—it's actually holy to. When we freely let God know our desires and allow them to be informed by Scripture and re-formed by our spiritual practices, we'll discover a God more loving and generous than we can ever imagine.

Traditional Bible Studies

We offer two adult classes geared toward traditional Bible study. The Disciples class meets in the North end of the dining room in Crossroads and the New Beginnings class meets in the old pastor's office located in the church. Both of these classes offer an enjoyable, insightful look at the books of the Bible. Bring your Bible or we have one for you.

Topical Video Studies

In the front meeting room of the Crossroads Center, Jack Hull leads the group formally called the Select To Connect Small Group. Be prepared to let your hair down for real conversation.

Sermon Followup

In the front meeting room of the Admin Building, join Roger Brokaw as he dives deeper into the week's sermon. Formally a mid-week small group, this group chases after the seconds of what is offered each morning in the adult worship service.

CWF (Christian Women's Fellowship)

CWF has three (3) circles (groups) that meet once a month during the school year. These meetings include a Bible study and a time of fellowship. Circle I meets on the second Monday of the month in the Crossroads dining room. Circle IV meets on the second Thursday of the month at Carl's Cardinal Inn. Circle V meets the first Thursday evening in different homes. The ladies sponsor a yearly Christmas bazaar, have a food booth at Color Drive, provide and serve all our funeral dinners, serve our Wednesday Youth treats, help provide coffee and supplies for the church and Crossroads and help out wherever and whenever they are needed. Monies they raise go out to missions in the church and help out in the community.

CMF (Christian Men's Fellowship)

CMF meets on the third Tuesday evening at 6:00p every other month starting in September. They start with a meal and then have a program. CMF holds a fund-raiser at Color Drive which pays half of the kids' summer church camp expenses with monies raised. They are also available to help out with other needs in the church as they arise.

Church Committees

Christian Education -- This committee oversees Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Youth ministries and anything pertaining to Christian Education.

Worship and Music -- This committee oversees Christmas and Easter special services, all seasonal decorations and assisting Evangelism and Shepherding committees with Celebration Sunday's services and meals.

Evangelism -- This committee works on promoting our church to the community through a variety of ways. They also assist with special events that provide evangelistic activities for the church and community as well as assisting with Celebration Sunday's services and meals.

Shepherding -- This committee is responsible for nurturing our members, sending cards to those with needs or special occasions, providing fellowship Sunday treats once a month and assisting with Celebration Sunday's services and meals.

Outreach -- This committee does all our mission work both locally and globally. They provide fruit baskets, school starter kits, and our Christmas adopt-a-family program, oversees giving to our church-sponsored missionaries, and oversees local assistance with our church family needs as well as donating to and assisting Pike County Unmet Needs.  Ukraine Refugee Relief Update

Serving Schedules

Elders: N.D. Harrison, Bob Clark
8:00 Communion: Katie McDevitt, Debbie Robinson
10:30 Communion: Betty Hayden, Eleanor Jenkins, Scott & Jenny Palmer
Children's Church: Libby Boren, Ali Curless
Fellowship Treats: Bev White, Kathy Hull, Becky Fitzmaurice, Cindy Chamberlain

Elder: Charlotte Dunham, Spencer Boren
8:00 Communion: Tom & Debbie Robinson
10:30 Communion: Larry & Sandy Wigington, Justin & Amber Poor
Children's Church: Stan & Jill Moss

Elder: Roger Brokaw, Steve Tharp
8:00 Communion: Brad & Kathy Willman
10:30 Communion: Rokettia Brokaw, Rosi Picone, Joyce Harrison
Children's Church: Kay Sealock, Mike & Julie Boren

Elder: Steve Tharp, Roger Brokaw
8:00 Communion: Richard & Rebecca Rhodes
10:30 Communion: Gary & Carol Sherwin
Children's Church: Katie McDevitt

Elders: Spencer Boren, Charlotte Dunham
8:00 Communion: Steve & Vickie Tharp
10:30 Communion: Jeremy & Alicia Tate
Children's Church: Libby Boren, Ali Curless