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Reaching Out To Others

06.06.18 | Elder's Corner | by Roger Dunham

    Are you a Good Samaritan and friend?


    In Luke 10, verse 27, an expert in the law tested Jesus with the following question, "Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?"  Jesus responded,  "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, Love your neighbor as yourself."

    One of the greatest examples of being a Good Samaritan, especially in the farm community, is the way other farmers take the time to help a neighbor plant or harvest his crops, when health issues or a death has prevented him from doing his own work.  All of a sudden tractors, trucks, and combines roll in, businesses provide fuel, church families provide food, and the work is completed in a timely manner.  Even with work of their own waiting to be done, these Good Samaritans are eager to help their neighbor.  That's just what is done in a farming community.


    In recent weeks, Michael has encouraged us to expand our outreach to people:  inquire about troubles, as well as rewards, or initiate casual conversation with others.  New friends bring new ideas and excitement into our lives, while there's nothing like the comfort of an old friend you've known forever.


    One of the reasons Charlotte and I left Milwaukee in 1973 was the fact that we rarely saw anybody we knew when we were "out and about."  We both desired solid relationships with others.  Having moved to Pike County, we quickly realized the beauty of interacting with people on a daily basis and building relationships with those having ideals and values much like our own.


    As a new season begins, let us reach out to others: invite others over for coffee or a meal, deliver meals to others, become involved in community events, volunteer at church, town and sports events, start up or join a group that interests you.


    Involvement in First Christian Church offers many opportunities to be a Good Samaritan and friend.  All that is required is a simple reaching out to others in Christian love.


    Roger Dunham, Elder