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02.14.18 | Michael's Corner | by Michael Ten Eyck

    This past Sunday we heard an amazing testimony from Joyce Harrison.  If you were not there, I would like to direct you to our website where it has been posted to the video archive.  

    Joyce shared her roller coaster journey of receiving the diagnosis of stage four bone cancer and then after several long weeks, learning that it was not cancer.  A biopsy revealed something different for which there are treatment options.  Certainly the news that it was not cancer was a huge answer to prayers, but Joyce’s testimony did not center on just that good news.  She shared of the impact of the event on her faith journey.  

    I appreciated the Holy Spirit moving on Joyce to share on the same day I was ministering on the topic of dealing with continued trials and faith. There were two points that our dear sister shared that really impacted me.  The first was how understanding the sovereignty of God can make a huge difference when trials come.  

    In Daniel’s life we observed two constants.  The first was that trials continually come, and the second was that Daniel’s faithfulness to God kept him in the position to see God’s faithfulness.  At any moment Daniel could have thrown in the towel, but he did not.  Because of this he got to witness God’s power in some truly miraculous ways.

    Sometimes the best vantage point to witness God’s faithfulness is actually in the fiery furnace or in the lion's den.  

    The second point that Joyce made that inspired me was that through this process she resolved to share God’s greatness.  We now have a catchphrase for the year.  It is one that each one of us can take hold of and put into practice.  It will help strengthen and grow the church, as well as help us fulfill the great commission.  

    “Two Thousand One Eight, tell someone God is great!”

    Loving you all,