First Christian Church | Pittsfield


The Orange Crew Too

06.19.18 | by Lisa Wombles

    "Heaven will be more crowded because of the work we do."  That was one of the most powerful quotes that I heard while at Orange Conference in April.  I think often times we can get caught up  in the hustle and bustle and get focused on the "task" that we are being asked to do, and sometimes we lose the "why" in the process.   The impact that our youth activities have on these children is amazing.  We, as adults, may not realize just how much, but they do. The kids wake up and are excited to come see me and the other leaders on Sunday Mornings, not because we are the best, most qualified teachers, or because we know the most stories in the Bible, but because they feel loved and safe when they are there. Being a part of a child's faith walk is more moving then you can imagine, and we would love for more people in our church family to experience that.  One of the main things that I took away from the conference was to stop worrying so much about how qualified I was, and to just focus on building relationships with these amazing kids.  That was a game changer for me!  You see, God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called. VBS is fast approaching, and what an amazing opportunity to take that step and get involved!  Remember, "Every child is just one caring adult away from being a success story." 

    Imagine how crowded Heaven could be if we all come together, ONE VOICE, on a mission to make a difference in the life of a child and to make sure that every day they wake up knowing that they have a friend in Jesus.

    With Love,
    Lisa Wombles