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The Orange Crew

05.23.18 | Elder's Corner

    As May is winding down, and the busy summer days are approaching, the Orange Crew is on a mission, that is mission-critical. Investing in our children, building relationships with them, having a “safe place” within our church, and GIVING them a life with Jesus. When we invest in our children, we are INVESTING in their hearts as the future of the church, the next generation. A generation that would rather give than receive, that shares the Gospel, that is the CHANGE in our ever-so-changing world. God has called us to the stage as a church to lead alongside of parents to instill in our youth humility, kindness and honesty. But most importantly, to fully understand that their being is worth EVERYTHING, that WE love them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever. WE can do more together to make a difference in the life of every child.

    There are two ways to do life:

    You can exist.

    Or you can REALLY LIVE!

    Really living is a choice that takes confidence. It means really believing what God says is true so you can not only make good choices, but the BEST choices. Then, You can LIVE fully alive!

    This summer, we are “AMPED” with the opportunity to serve our Awesome God by leading our youth with a curriculum that is for sure going to Amp up the hearts in our littles and our leaders! “AMPED-Live Fully Alive” is our Summer theme with our youth!

    The Orange Crew will be passing out 9 week devotionals, (“AMPED-Live fully Alive”) to each family with children ages kindergarten through 5th grade that will guide you in growing their faith. Every day, there is a message that our kids need to hear, over and over. God sees your potential, God can use you even when you make mistakes, God can do the impossible, with God-there is no IMPOSSIBLE, You are NEVER Alone! This is powerful and it is at your fingertips! Not only will the children be getting the same conversations on Sundays, they will be hearing the messages at home through the week. As we know, what we hear on Sunday matters on Wednesday! This devotional allows for amazing conversations with your kids, time dedicated to growing relationships with God and each other! We are SO excited that the Lord has blessed us with the opportunity to share this! Watching God’s plan unfold is powerful. We are humbled!

    IF you have ANY questions about the devotional, if you need a book, or you just simply need anything-the Orange Crew is ready for you! We are in prayer for our youth, the parents, and for our mission to be alongside of you as we ALL grow in our Walk with Christ!

    With so much love,
    Kacie Lipcaman

    The Orange Crew
    Lisa Wombles, Ashli Freesmyer, Kacie Lipcaman, Helen Earls