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    Use Possessive Pronouns to Describe FCC

    01.31.18 | Elder's Corner | by David Bishop

    A possessive pronoun is a pronoun indicating possession of an object by another object or person. Examples of possessive pronouns include: Mine, Yours, His, Hers, Ours, and Theirs. There are lots of activities in progress at First Christian...

      Commandment Number Six

      11.15.17 | Elder's Corner | by David Bishop

      Don’t you just hate it when a particular sermon sticks with you when you leave the church on Sunday. Sometimes I go to early service because I have something else to do later in the day and sometimes I go to the regular service because I...

        Fitting and Obliged

        12.14.16 | Elder's Corner | by David Bishop

        I am very much in tune with the way Pastor Michael began the current series from Isaiah. The current year has been quite a challenge to many of us. Some have begun new jobs, some had sicknesses and injuries and some have experienced losses of...