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06.07.17 | Elder's Corner | by Wayne Chamberlain

    There is a message among teenagers and young adults today that states, “Five seconds of awkwardness can prevent days, months, or perhaps of years of pain and regret.” Being placed in an awkward position usually requires us to make some type of response. We can agree, disagree, back away, be bold, do nothing, make a statement, join the crowd, or be a loner. The choices go on.

    Most of us have experienced that making the wrong decision can bring regrets. The Bible records many accounts of awkward situations:

    1. Noah must have been placed in an awkward position because no one had heard of rain or floods in his time. Genesis Chapter 6
    2. Sarai giving Abram the OK to sleep with her maidservant – awkward! Genesis Chapter 16
    3. Joseph telling his brothers that they would bow down to him – awkward! Genesis Chapter 37
    4. Moses questioning God about his role as being God’s spokesman – awkward! Exodus Chapter 3
    5. Nathan confronting David concerning his sin of having Uriah killed - awkward! 2 Samuel Chapter 12
    6. Jonah deciding that Tarshish would be a better location to go rather than Ninevah –awkward! Jonah Chapter 1
    7. The rich, young man who asked what he must do to inherit eternal life – awkward! Matthew Chapter 19
    8. Peter’s denial of Christ – awkward! Matthew Chapter 26
    9. Zacchaeus’ position as a tax collector yet the overwhelming need to see Jesus – awkward! Luke Chapter 19
    10. The two believers on the road to Emmaus were told how foolish they were because they failed to understand that Christ’s suffering was His path to glory – awkward! Luke Chapter 24

    Reading and studying scripture can equip us to make better choices in life and help us through the awkward moments. We can have an answer when the questions are asked:

    1. What does Jesus mean to me?
    2. What’s so great about the Gospel?
    3. What’s important about baptism?
    4. Do you believe in a Heaven and a Hell?
    5. What happens when a person dies?

    Don’t let those five seconds of awkwardness hold you back when the opportunity occurs for you to share your faith. Instead of regret you can have peace knowing you have planted the seed of the Gospel.

    “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.” – Romans 1:16

    In Christian love,

    Wayne Chamberlain