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    Spiritual Warfare

    07.27.16 | Michael's Corner | by Michael Ten Eyck

    There’s a childhood story that my family likes to recall.  An older sibling approached a younger one, comparing the money that each had received from the holidays.  The older child convinced the other that she should trade with...

      Continual Relationship

      07.13.16 | Elder's Corner | by Spencer Boren

      Kayla and I recently biked from Pere Marquette to Grafton and back for her birthday. It was a gorgeous day, and a perfect afternoon for a bike ride. However, although the path was beautiful, it was also filled with many hills. We would go down...


        06.29.16 | Michael's Corner | by Michael Ten Eyck

        “It’s just a jammed finger…”  These were the words I kept repeating to my little girl over and over again during the last few weeks to calm her continued complaints of her injured finger.  I was absolutely...


          06.22.16 | Chaz's Corner | by Chaz Waterman

          This past week, we took our high school campers through a journey we called His Is, So We Are. In the Fall of last year the deans got together and asked this question: what is something that our young people are dealing with more than anything...

            So God Made a Soldier

            06.08.16 | Elder's Corner | by Roger Dunham

            My message this month is in keeping with the Memorial Day services held around the county last week.  It was written by Ben Morse in 2013, and I do not know anything about him, but his message is wonderful and should be respected by all of...