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    Little Things

    03.22.16 | Michael's Corner | by Michael Ten Eyck

    I consider social media something of a necessary evil.  The ability it gives us to receive and disseminate information, as well as to stay connected with distant friends and family, only slightly outweighs the promotion of narcissism and...


      03.09.16 | Humility | by Michael Ten Eyck

      A few weeks ago, one of our little ones in the church family came to me and asked about the ringing of the church bell.  I had a precious talk with her and shared how the ringing of the bell was to call people to worship.  She grinned...

        Valentine's Dinner - Thank You!

        02.24.16 | News | by Helen Earls

        Thank you to all who helped make the youth@first Valentine dinner another huge success! It was a wonderful evening with great food and even greater fellowship! It is a wonderful opportunity for the youth to serve the congregation and to work with...


          02.10.16 | Elder's Corner | by Wayne Chamberlain

          Recently as I watched gas prices drop, I started wondering if the price of a gallon of gas would drop to the range as when I started driving in 1968. At that time gas ranged from $.30 - $.35 per gallon. And when gas wars came around, it might...

            Nobody's Perfect

            01.27.16 | Elder's Corner | by Jim Dain

            Recently a figure in the news said he had never asked God for forgiveness. It seems he believes he's a good guy who doesn't like to have to ask for pardon so he just never does anything wrong. An understandable position, and a lofty goal to be...