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    Eternal Planning

    08.29.18 | Michael's Corner | by Michael Ten Eyck

    Approximately every three months I receive a statement in the mail that summarizes my retirement investment account.  It reflects additions to the account as well as growth or decline from those investments. I must admit that I try not to...

      Helping Others

      08.22.18 | Elder's Corner | by N.D. Harrison

      A few months ago there was a large sign near the west edge of Pittsfield that read “Protect Life - Both Born and Unborn”.   I certainly agree with the words on that sign; we have a duty to protect life. Fetuses are certainly...

        The Journey

        08.08.18 | Michael's Corner | by Michael Ten Eyck

        With only a few exceptions, I usually enjoy driving.  Getting in the car and experiencing relief from the norm, as well as the change of scenery that our beautiful country affords, is quite pleasing to me.  This is true as long as I am...

          Pray Without Ceasing

          07.25.18 | Elder's Corner | by Ruth Bennett

          As I open my eyes each morning, I’m thankful I wake up to live another day. I think I’m more aware now of this gift we tend to take for granted, as the years march on. In other words, I’m OLD! So most always, my first thought...


            07.11.18 | Michael's Corner | by Eli Ten Eyck

            In late June, I had a startling realization. As I cruised down highway 61 towards my Freshmen Orientation in St. Louis, it finally dawned on me that this whole college thing was actually happening. I had been preparing for this moment for almost...

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