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    The Power of Positivity

    02.12.19 | Elder's Corner | by Ruth Bennett

    We live in a world today filled with so much negativity, in the news and throughout society. Hate and radical behavior. I'd like to concentrate on THE POWER OF POSITIVITY. I want to read some quotes that I find very...

      Opportunities to Serve

      01.30.19 | Elder's Corner | by Helen Earls

      I have been thinking about Michael’s presentation on his Cuba mission trip.  It was so informative and inspirational! But for those of us who may never make it on a mission trip, I would like to give you some food for...

        Care For Each Other

        01.17.19 | Michael's Corner | by Michael Ten Eyck

        It has been quite a wild week in terms of our weather.  What seemed to be a mild winter has ended up being somewhat ferocious. I am so grateful for our army of dedicated volunteers who brave the elements to give us access to the church...

          Keeping Faith

          12.19.18 | by Michael Ten Eyck

          It was quite odd for me to watch a Christmas Nativity story being played out while sitting in a an 88 degree room in the tropics.  There were no Christmas sweaters or Christmas dresses and the evergreens were replaced with a potted palm...

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