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    So God Made a Soldier

    06.08.16 | Elder's Corner | by Roger Dunham

    My message this month is in keeping with the Memorial Day services held around the county last week.  It was written by Ben Morse in 2013, and I do not know anything about him, but his message is wonderful and should be respected by all of...

      Create A Rhythm - Home FX Project

      06.06.16 | Family Time | by Chaz Waterman

      The definition of rhythm is, “A Movement or Procedure With Uniform or Patterned Recurrence of a Beat, Accent, or The Like.”We want to help you create a rhythm in your home—a steady beat of things you can do to help bring you...

        Hang Time - Imagine The End

        05.26.16 | Family Time | by Chaz Waterman

        School is out and all of our little ones are one step closer to no longer being little ones! As a parent, it can be heart-breaking to think ahead to the day when your child packs up his room and leaves your house, to—hopefully—at...

          The Lord's Prayer

          05.25.16 | Michael's Corner | by Michael Ten Eyck

          I have loved sharing the series on The Lord’s Prayer these past few weeks. During my preparation time, I have had the opportunity to read the thoughts of some great theologians (old and new) about The Lord’s Prayer. Some of these I...

            Step Out of the Boat

            05.18.16 | Elder's Corner | by Larry Wigington

            Greetings my church family.  A few weeks ago Sandy and I had a granddaughter in the Terre Haute, IN and one in Nashville, TN having performances on the same weekend.  Solution: Sandy flew to Nashville to attend Eliza’s first dance...