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    09.12.19 | Michael's Corner | by Michael Ten Eyck

    On September 11, 2001, I walked into the daycare of the church where I worked to drop off my son.  The TV was on broadcasting a live feed of the World Trade Center with some smoke coming from it. Details were sketchy and no one knew what was...

      Raising Children

      08.27.19 | Elder's Corner | by Roger Brokaw

      Many years ago, when I was a teenager, there was song called “The Ballad Of The Green Berets” The song was about a Special Forces soldier killed in action. One of the verses tells of his last request of his wife for his son. It says...

        New Beginnings

        08.13.19 | Michael's Corner | by Michael Ten Eyck

        The summer has certainly flown by, and now it is time for the new school year to commence. As much as many lament the end of summer, I find it better to focus on the opportunities that new beginnings afford.  Certainly, the Christian Faith...

          Vacation Bible School Thank You

          07.31.19 | Michael's Corner | by Helen Earls

          What an amazing week!! From the kick off, complete with two giant water slides and a great meal, to the swimming party on Friday night, it was a fantastic week! A great time was had by all and what fun to watch the kids learning, moving through...

            Summer Inventory

            07.16.19 | Michael's Corner | by Michael Ten Eyck

            It is hard to believe that the summer is nearly halfway over.  For most students and some teachers, this is a very troubling fact.  As I pulled the June page off of my office calendar, I was shocked at how fast the summer has...

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